POF 1400 ACE

For high-quality milling in demanding projects
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Routing depth fine adjustment
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Bosch - Router POF 1400 ACE
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  • Overview
    • Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router

      The POF 1400 ACE router enables DIYers to produce grooves, edge profiles or special mouldings. Its 1400 watt motor and features such as routing depth adjustment and Constant Electronic enable even demanding routing jobs to be done. The POF 1400 ACE is also comfortable to use due to its two large, ergonomically shaped handles. The safety features of this wood router and its great ease of use enable you to work in a position that is not tiring even when using the tool intensively.

      Key product features

      • Bosch Constant Electronic adjusts tool power for great results despite load
      • Adjustable routing depth for impressive accuracy up to 1/10 mm
      • Power Light for following cutting lines and vacuum for clean line of sight
      • Parallel guide offers assistance for milling precise straight grooves and circles
      • Insert template guide tool-free thanks to SDS system

      Application range

      Advanced tools
      When you seek the best.
      Standard of comparison: Router

      Technical key data

      Machine weight 3,5 kg


      Power input
      Power input
      Power input
      1400 watts
      Speed preselection
      Speed preselection
      Speed preselection
      Material-specific work with the right amount of power
      Spindle lock
      Spindle lock
      Spindle lock
      Fast router bit changes due to spindle locking at the push of a button
      Constant Electronic
      Constant Electronic
      Constant Electronic
      Constant power for precise work
      Routing depth fine adjustment
      Routing depth fine adjustment
      Routing depth fine adjustment
      Ideal for demanding jobs
      SDS system
      SDS system
      SDS system
      Tool-free insertion of the template guide

      Comes complete with

      • Dust extraction adapter (2 600 499 077)
      • Open-ended spanner (1 609 203 V40)
      • Template guide (2 609 200 138)
      • Plastic case (2 605 438 643)
      • Straight bit (8 mm diameter) (2 608 628 381)
      • Parallel guide (1 609 203 M85)
      • Centring pin (2 609 200 310)
      • 3 collets (6 mm, 8 mm and 1/4")
      Part number:060326C800
      EAN code:3165140451666
  • Description
    • For demanding applications

      The POF 1400 ACE router from Bosch

      With its POF 1400 ACE, Bosch is offering a router for all DIYers who want to also perform demanding applications. Its 1400 watt motor makes the POF 1400 ACE an exceptionally powerful tool. Users appreciate professional features such as the routing depth adjustment and the Constant Electronic. Tried-and-tested Bosch safety features and great ease of use enable you to work in a relaxed position that is not tiring even when using the tool intensively – and they also ensure precise results! A wide range of accessories gives the DIYer the necessary flexibility to perform a wide variety of applications.

      Consistent cut quality

      The POF 1400 ACE wood router provides precision and quality.

      Powerful routing, a fast work rate and precise results: the top-of-the-range model POF 1400 ACE impresses with its high power input and also has Constant Electronic and an integrated worklight with two LEDs. The Constant Electronic keeps the selected speed – between 11,000 and 28,000 rpm depending on what is required– constant to ensure optimum cut quality. What’s more, the POF 1400 ACE has routing depth fine adjustment with a 0.1 millimetre scale that allows for very accurate settings. Demanding applications are therefore no problem and can be completed precisely. The spindle lock included as standard saves time when changing the router bit, and the Bosch SDS system allows for easy, tool-free insertion of the template guide.

      A clear view

      The many features of the POF 1400 ACE make it easier to use.

      Many features make this tool easier to use: the integrated worklight with two LEDs ensures that the workpiece is always well lit. The POF 1400 ACE is comfortable to use due to its two large, ergonomically shaped handles. Another practical feature is the lock-off switch integrated directly into the right-hand handle. Thanks to its quick-clamping lever, this router can be locked in any position easily and precisely. Wherever routing is performed there will be dust particles in the air that impair visibility. This is where the transparent dust guard comes into play: it provides a clear view of the tip of the bit. Further protective covers over the guide columns ensure that dust and dirt do not get into the machine.

      Wide range of accessories

      The POF 1400 ACE router enables you to complete even demanding routing jobs.

      The POF 1400 ACE has been specially developed for accomplished DIYers who not only want to cut grooves for wood joints or edge profiles, but also perform demanding routing work such as producing special mouldings – in all types of wood. This router is supplied as standard with a parallel guide, template guide, an adapter for vacuum cleaners, three collets, a router bit and a centring pin. The standard equipment of the POF 1400 ACE also includes a carrying case. The Bosch accessory range offers a broad selection of accessories such as straight bits, edge bits, pilot panel bits and edge forming bits.

  • Technical data
    • Technical data

      Power input 1.400 W
      Power output 650 W
      Toolholder (supplied) 6 mm
      No-load speed 11,000 – 28,000 rpm
      Maximum router cage stroke 55 mm
      Machine weight 3,5 kg

      Noise / vibration information

      Measured values determined according to EN 60745
      Total vibration values (vector sum of three directions).

      Vibration emission value ah 6.0 m/s²
      Uncertainty K 2.0 m/s²

      The A-rated noise level of the power tool is typically as follows: Sound pressure level 95 dB(A); Sound power level 106 dB(A). Uncertainty K= 3 dB.


      • Speed preselection
      • Spindle lock
      • Bosch Constant Electronic
      • Routing depth fine adjustment
      • Bosch SDS for template guide
      • Softgrip
      • Integrated work light
      • Bosch Electronic
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