Cordless multi-sanders


The multi-talented tool. Ideal for all surfaces and corners.

Whether shelves, chests of drawers, window frames or door frames: the handy cordless multi-sanders from Bosch enable you to sand and polish without a cable, even in hard-to-reach areas and on small surfaces.

Bosch - Cordless multi-sanders
Advanced tools
When you seek the best.
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Battery voltage 18 V
Orbital stroke rate 22.000 opm
Orbit diameter 1,6 mm
Battery voltage
Battery voltage Battery voltage
18 volts
Hook-and-loop fastening
Hook-and-loop fastening Hook-and-loop fastening
Quick and easy sanding sheet changes
SDS system
SDS system SDS system
Tool-free changing of the sanding plate
Softgrip Softgrip
Low-fatigue working, safe handling
Compact design
Compact design Compact design
Compact design, low weight
Bosch micro filter system
Bosch micro filter system Bosch micro filter system
A clear view of the sanding surface, and a clean work area
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