Safe, conscientious and fast
    The repair service from Bosch

    Minimal downtimes with the Bosch repair: In only a few days you will get your tool back in perfect condition.

    Spare parts service

    Whether cordless screwdriver, rotary hammer or table saw: here you will find the spare part you need for any power tool – top quality, precision workmanship and always a perfect fit.

    Spare Parts Catalogue

    • Spare Parts Catalogue
      Find the correct spare parts in our comprehensive spare part documentation.

    Order from your dealer

    Repair service

    Our qualified specialists at the Bosch service centre repair faulty tools quickly and reliably.

    Let your dealer handle it

    Additional services

    In addition to our Repair and Spare Parts Service, Bosch can offer you a number of other services. For example, Bosch can take care of maintaining your power tools for you.

    Maintenance Service for your tools

    Take-back and recycling


    You receive a two-year guarantee on privately used power tools.

    Guarantee conditions

    • Guarantee conditions
      You can download our current guarantee conditions here.


    Here you will find an overview of our service information on all important subjects.

    Service information

    Firmware Download

    • Firmware Download
      Here you can download the right firmware for your product, not only the latest version, but also all previous versions.


    Here you will find an overview of our Bosch dealers.

    Comprehensive advice and help on your tool

    • Comprehensive advice and help on your tool
      Use our search function if you want to know which retailers in your region stock Bosch tools.

    User manuals

    Here you will find user manuals for all our tools – also for older product versions.

    Search for manual


    Service Hotline

    Have any questions about our repair and spare parts service?
    : 27 11 651 9870
    : 27 11 651 9881

    Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 16:30

    Go to e-mail contact form

    Application advice

    Have any questions about our products and applications?

    :+27 11 651 9870

    Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 16:30

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