Quigo & Quigo Plus

Easy alignment and creative decorating.

The hassle of aligning with a spirit level is finally a thing of the past. The Quigo and Quigo Plus cross line lasers project a 100% straight horizontal and vertical laser line onto the wall. User-friendly and immediately ready to use.


Makes aligning accurately accurate.

The Bosch Quigo is a handy, self-levelling cross line laser that enables DIYers to put their project ideas precisely into practice. It comes complete with a universal mount to enable flexible positioning of the tool.

Quigo Plus

The plus for decorating.

For anyone who wants to be even more creative. The horizontal and vertical laser lines also have marks on them. This helps you to fit objects at evenly spaced intervals. By positioning the tool at an angle you can, for example, paint stripes in gradually decreasing widths. The tripod provided with the tool allows for precise height adjustment.

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Common features

Cross line laser laser technology
Precision work thanks to laser technology.

Replaces the hassle of spirit level alignment with a 100% straight horizontal and vertical laser line.

Cross line laser self-levelling

Automatically compensates for surface irregularities of up to ±4°.

Cross line laser sliding switch
Sliding switch.

The tool is ready to use as soon as you slide up the sliding switch.

Cross line laser diagonal lines
Diagonal lines.

Simply tilt the tool to make it project diagonal lines.

The differences


The Quigo is a tool for all common alignment jobs in your home. It comes complete with a universal mount and adapter plate, making it flexible to mount.

Quigo Plus.

Additional marks on the laser lines helps you to fit objects at evenly spaced intervals. Position the tool at an angle to perform more creative applications. The tripod provided with the tool allows for precise height adjustment.



Aligning shelves

Take a new direction when fitting shelves.

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Wallpapering with imagination

Put up wallpaper with lots of love and imagination.

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Turning walls into works of art

Turn your walls into works of art.

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Projecting an incline

Do you also want to align diagonally?

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Don’t be afraid to create new formats with your ideas.

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Fit tiles in picture-perfect patterns.

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Quigo and Quigo Plus comparison

Applications at a glance.
Aligning/fitting objects 100 straight
Aligning objects at distances from each other
Aligning objects at an incline
Decorating at proportionally decreasing/increasing distances
Laying tiles
Flexible fixing on various objects
Bosch - Cross Line Laser Quigo Plus
Quigo Plus
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Project guides

DIY decoration ideas.

Are you looking to change the floor coverings and wallpaper in your home? No problem. Here you will find creative ideas for projects you can do yourself.

Project guides – DIY decoration ideas

Quigo Youtube Channel

Be creative: The Quigo on YouTube.

Watch more of our creative ideas on our YouTube Channel. From Graffiti Artist to LED Light Illusions – the Quigo is versatile to use.

Have you found the right Quigo?

The perfect tool for quickly and accurately aligning pictures, borders, wallpaper, tiles and other objects.

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