Versatile tools for the entire home.

Here we have some practical application tips for you. From measuring before you move in, to handy tips when you are furnishing for the first time, through to a range of creative decoration jobs.

Cross & line lasers

Right angles wherever you want.

The cross and line lasers from Bosch put an end to the complicated alignment of objects. State-of-the-art laser technology and exceptional ease of use enable levelling jobs to be done quickly and precisely.

Aligning shelves

Take a new direction when fitting shelves.

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Wallpapering with imagination

Put up wallpaper with lots of love and imagination.

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Turning walls into works of art

Turn your walls into works of art.

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Projecting an incline

Do you also want to align diagonally?

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Don’t be afraid to create new formats with your ideas.

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Fit tiles in picture-perfect patterns.

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Laser measures

Precise measurement of distances, areas and volumes.

Equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology, Bosch laser measures deliver measuring results with maximum precision and reliability.

Laser measures - Furnishing

Afraid of buying something that doesn’t fit? Measure how much space is available before you go shopping.

Laser measures - Decorating

Hang your pictures, shelves and light fixtures at evenly spaced intervals.

Laser measures - Material calculation
Material planning

Be it the length of a curtain or the amount of paint you need. Precise measurements make material planning easier for you.


Detect what you can’t see.

When you’re drilling into walls, it’s better to be safe than sorry: You can use the handy Bosch digital detectors to find live cables, pipes, metal girders and frames or wooden studs with maximum precision and safety.

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