Syneon Chip

Intelligently controlled energy for every project.

Now from Bosch: The Syneon chip controls energy according to demand. For perfect power throughout the entire project.

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Bosch - echip

The intelligent Syneon Chip – Optimum power and maximum endurance for your project.

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Optimum power. Maximum endurance.

The right dosage is what counts.

Instead of constantly delivering full power, Bosch cordless tools with intelligent Syneon Chip always deliver the optimum ratio of power and endurance to ensure that the battery power is delivered according to requirements. In other words: Energy efficiency with intelligence.

Bosch - Optimum power. Maximum endurance.
Your tool delivers exactly the energy you require during work.

Constant power

Full power right to the end!

Saw more metres and drive more screws – all with constant power. The Syneon Chip gets the maximum from your battery! And there is no loss of energy as the battery charge decreases, rather you have full power right to the end.

Bosch - Constant power
Drive in more screws and work for longer with one battery charge!

Bosch - Diagramm

Bosch - Cordless screwdriver

Smart lithium-ion technology.

More than the sum of its individual parts.

A major advantage of Bosch cordless tools? The perfect design of the powertrain: From the latest lithium-ion battery, to the powerful motor, through to the robust planetary gearbox – every single component exemplifies Bosch’s unique development expertise. Perfectly coordinated with each other thanks to the Syneon Chip, these components achieve their true potential. The result is: Maximum energy efficiency.

Bosch - Smart lithium-ion technology.
Your tool doesn’t waste any energy.

Always ready for use.

Energy bundles contained in every Bosch lithium-ion cordless tool.

The latest lithium-ion batteries impress with their power, weight and low space requirement, are always ready to be used and can be fully or partially charged at any time.

Bosch - Battery

The advantages of our latest lithium-ion battery generation

Bosch -Long lifetime

Long lifetime

High-quality batteries with a long lifetime and Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) against overheating and overload.

Bosch -Always ready to use

Always ready to use

Lithium-ion batteries are ready to use at any time. No memory effect, no self-discharge.

Bosch -Lightweight & compact

Lightweight & compact

Cordless tools with lithium-ion batteries impress due to their compact design and low weight.

Bosch -More energy

More energy

The latest high-power cells deliver runtimes up to 33% longer without any increase in battery weight.

Bosch -v10
Bosch -v18

Flexible system.

Power4All - the "one battery-for-all" system

Now you can put an end once and for all to batteries and chargers that do not fit together, and only cost money and take up space unnecessarily. In the Power4All cordless systems from Bosch, one battery and one charger can be used for all tools! Whether you opt for the powerful 18 volt system or the lightweight and compact 10.8 volt system is your choice.

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