Christmas tree

Build your own this year.
A different take on the Christmas tree

With this festive project you can turn Christmas into something really special: This self-made Christmas tree made of wooden logs is a real eye-catcher.

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    Surprise your family and guests at Christmas with this unusual Christmas tree! Unusual materials are used for this project: Logs, ideally made of birch, a broomstick (or a similar round bar) and lots of large construction screws. Even beginners can manage this project well – and maybe the entire family will join in. As far as the decoration is concerned, you can let your imagination run wild. The best thing is that you can enjoy this Christmas tree for as long as you want because it is guaranteed free of needles. And if you do want to move it out of the living room at some point, it is also very decorative outdoors.

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    Required power tools:

    Other accessories:

    • If necessary, wooden wedges for the Christmas tree stand

    Required materials:

    • Logs: approx. 60 to 80 pcs, length approx. 60 cm (base) to approx. 20 cm (tip), ideally birch because it is light and has nice bark
    • Round bar: 25 mm diameter, approx. 185 cm long (e.g. broomstick, ideally beech due to its strength)
    • Screw hooks: approx. 60 to 80 pcs, 10 cm (for hanging the logs)
    • Spax construction screws: 30 to 40 pcs, 8.0x160 yellow galvanised (as decorative candles)
    • Christmas tree stand or similar device
    • Electric fairy lights
    • Christmas tree decorations and material for attaching (e.g. ribbon and drawing pins)

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    Assemble trunk

    1 - Assemble trunk
    Assemble trunk

    Place the round bar or the broomstick in the Christmas tree stand as the trunk for your Christmas tree and fix it securely in place so that it is straight and stable. If necessary, use a few wooden wedges to help with this.


    Pre-drill logs

    2 - Pre-drill logs
    Pre-drill logs

    If you were not able to get the logs for the Christmas tree in different lengths, saw them to the right size first using the Bosch PSA 18 LI-2 Sabre Saw. Use the PSR 14,4 LI-2 to pre-drill approx. 3 to 4 cm deep in each log for the fastening hooks.


    Screw in hooks

    3 - Screw in hooks
    Screw in hooks

    Now screw the fastening hooks into the pre-drilled holes and tighten them firmly.


    Hang logs

    4 - Hang logs
    Hang logs

    Now you can build up your Christmas tree log for log. Using the screw hooks, first thread the longest logs onto the “trunk” and finish with the shortest logs at the tip.


    Screw in “candles”

    5 - Screw in “candles”
    Screw in “candles”

    Then fit the construction screws to the finished tree as decorative candles. To do so, place them vertically on individual logs in nicely spaced positions and drive them in approx. 1 to 2 cm deep using the cordless screwdriver.


    Decorate tree and enjoy

    6 - Decorate tree and enjoy
    Decorate tree and enjoy

    To light up the tree and give it a festive look, use electric fairy lights and Christmas tree decorations that you can attach using materials such as ribbon and drawing pins. Look forward to Christmas: Santa is sure to put the very best presents under such a unique tree!

    Legal note

    Bosch does not accept any responsibility for the instructions stored here. Bosch would also like to point out that you follow these instructions at your own risk. For your own safety, please take all the necessary precautions.


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