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  • Pan-head screw
    • Joining element in woodworking and metalworking. The pan-head screw is characterised by a slightly curved, lenticular head shape. The head is flatter than a round head screw, but more curved than the flat head of a normal screw.

  • Pendulum stroke
    • Pendulum stroke
      Pendulum stroke

      Certain function of a jigsaw. Whereas the saw blade in jigsaws without a pendulum stroke only performs straight-lined stroke movements, the saw blade with pendulum stroke oscillates forwards and backwards. This allows for better ejection of the chips produced during sawing and increases the sawing performance of the jigsaw.

  • Planers
    • Planers
      Planers Planers Planers

      Like the sander, the planer is a tool for working on wooden surfaces. Whereas the sander processes the wood by means of the grit on the sanding paper, the planer cuts off entire chips. In contrast to standard, hand-held planers, the power tool works with a blade shaft that rotates at high speed. It provides fast and precise planing with a high material removal rate.

  • Planetary gearbox
    • Planetary gearbox
      Planetary gearbox

      The planetary gearbox is a type of toothed gearing. It consists of a gear cluster: the central sun gear, the planetary gears and the outer ring gear with inward-facing teeth. The planetary gearbox has a long lifetime due to its high quality and can transfer high torque.

  • Plastics
    • Plastics are gained from natural materials, mainly mineral oils. By means of certain manufacturing processes, plastics can be produced with virtually made-to-measure technical properties, such as malleability, hardness, elasticity, breakage resistance, temperature resistance, heat deflection resistance and chemical resistance. Plastics are divided into three groups: thermoplastics (for dimensionally stable components), thermosets (for hard and surface-resistant components) and elastomers (for elastic components).

  • Pneumatic
    • Pneumatic movements are performed by means of air pressure.

  • Power
    • In physics, force is defined by the following formula: force F = mass m multiplied by acceleration a.

  • Power input
    • The power that a power tool takes from the power source (mains socket or battery). The power that is then available (power output) is always lower because power is lost with every energy conversion (see degree of efficiency). The power input is stated in watts, so that the values of different tools can be compared.

  • Power tools
    • Power tool is the term used for hand-held, transportable tools. They are electrically powered and have a built-in motor.

  • Press+Lock
    • Press+Lock

      Clamping system for fast tool changes on impact drills without the need for additional tools. Pressing the Press+Lock button on the top of the machine locks the drill spindle. The drill chuck can be opened and closed by simply turning it.

  • Protective glasses
    • Protective glasses
      Protective glasses

      Most work with power tools creates sparks, chips, splinters or dust. Wearing protective glasses is mandatory in trade and industry. However, DIYers should also wear protective glasses whenever they work with power tools.

Entries 1 - 11 of 11


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