Laying laminate and parquet

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A beautiful floor – made easy

Laying wooden and laminate floors is easier than you think. You just have to pay attention to a few things.

Laying laminate and parquet


Wooden and laminate floors are attractive and durable alternatives to carpet. Our hints and tips make it easier to lay them than you think.


Before you get started: Laying parquet and laminate involves using tongues and grooves, which are glued together (the glueless version with a click system is easier). Parquet and laminate naturally expand and shrink. This is why edge joints (at least ten millimetres) must be taken into consideration.


Always lay in the direction of light. Start the first row in the left-hand corner of the room with the groove side facing the wall. To do this, first mount the spacers to the wall, so that the expansion joint is maintained. The last board of the first row usually has to be shortened. The offcut from the first row is used to start the next one.


Lay the subsequent rows of boards. If you are working without a click system, use a hammer and tapping block to join the elements together. Do the same with all of the rows except for the last one.


The width of the last row has to be adjusted to fit the form of the wall. Only then can it be glued and inserted using a pull bar.


Finally, fix everything with wooden wedges. The glue should set for at least one night before you remove the wedges.

Legal note

Bosch does not accept any responsibility for the instructions stored here. Bosch would also like to point out that you follow these instructions at your own risk. For your own safety, please take all the necessary precautions.


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