A quick guide to screws

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Which is each different screw suitable for?

If you stand in front of the screw shelf at a DIY store, you will find a vast range of screws for every purpose. The various purposes can usually be assigned to the screws simply by the shape of the screw head.

A quick guide to screws
A quick guide to screws
A quick guide to screws


Screws with countersunk head are mainly used for work with wood or wood-based materials. They can be countersunk flush with the surface of the workpiece.


Screws with a round head or fillister head are mainly used for securing fittings, signs and strips. Decoration screws are sometimes also used in furniture manufacture.


There are also screws with cylindrical heads and others with hexagonal heads for the socket of a screw wrench. They are used for fitting work in wooden beams.


Carriage bolts Carriage bolt Screw used mainly in woodworking (actually: flat round head screw), which is inserted through the two parts you want to connect and screwed to a locknut. The head does not have a profile for receiving a bit. The connection can therefore only by loosened from the nut side. For this reason, it is especially suitable for fitting door locks and outward fittings. have a round head with a square section under the head. It is intended to prevent the bolt from turning when the nut is tightened. This bolt can only be loosened from the nut side. Carriage bolts are mainly required for woodworking.


Always make sure that you use the appropriate screwdriver (or wrench) for your work. If you use the wrong one, it might be impossible to remove fitted screws, meaning that if the worst comes to the worst they will be ruined.

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