Accessories for jigsaws

8-piece saw blade box, wood/metal/plastic (T-shank)

DIY with Bosch quality: Sawing made easy.
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Bosch - Universal jigsaw blade for wood, metal, plastic 8-piece saw blade box, wood/metal/plastic (T-shank)
Bosch - 8-piece saw blade box, wood/metal/plastic (T-shank)
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  • Overview
    • Description

      Ideally equipped to handle virtually any sawing task: Jigsaw blade set for optimum results in wood, metal and plastic.

      Product features

      • 8 high-performance saw blades, perfectly matched to the respective material.
      • High sawing performance and long service life thanks to perfect material selection and optimum tooth geometry.
      • A quality product, made in Switzerland.
      • Suitable for use with jigsaws from all common power tool brands with T-shank.
      • Safety note: Please always wear protective goggles, hearing protection, a dust mask and work gloves when using these materials.

      Technical data

      Dimensions (lxwxh) 165 x 56 x 18
      Weight 0,09
      Packaging Plastic box with sticker with Euro hole


      Pack quantity: 8 pcs

      2 TE 118 A. Pitch 1.2 mm/24 TPI; L 76 mm 2 TE 119 BO. Pitch 2.0 mm/14 TPI; L 76 mm 2 TE 111 D. Pitch 4 mm/6 TPI; L 100 mm 1 TE 101 B. Pitch 2.5 mm/10 TPI; L 100 mm 1 TE 111 C. Pitch 3.0 mm/8 TPI; L 100 mm

      Part number:2607019458
      EAN code:3165140415767
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