Hot glueing


Quickly glue, attach or repair something.

The tools from Bosch are ideal for adhesive attachment, model making, repairing, sealing and jointing. They stick almost anything: wood, plastic, ceramic, metal, glass, textiles, leather and much more.

 Hot glueing

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Battery voltage 3,6 V
Machine weight 0,142 kg
Quick Dry
Quick Dry Quick Dry
Instant adhesion after a few seconds
Cordless use
Cordless use Cordless use
Maximum mobility
Quick Start
Quick Start Quick Start
Ready to glue after only 15 seconds of heat-up time
Easy Charging
Easy Charging Easy Charging
Charging with Bosch micro USB charger
Easy tools
When you want simplicity.
0 Ratings
Gluing capacity 20 g/min
Glue stick diameter 11 x 45 – 200 mm
Machine weight 0,35 kg



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