Valentine's Day

Neat appearance on Valentine's day
Happy Valentine's Day: Pure nature in your hallway

It will make eyes light up! With this charming Valentine's Day present, you'll bring special joy to your sweetheart and nature into your hallway!

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  • Introduction

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    Time required

    The romantic walk in the woods with your sweetheart can now start in your home! With a little skill and the right tools, even as a beginner you can quickly make an individual Valentine’s Day present with a feeling of pure nature.

    The robust branch serves not only for attaching pink messages of love, but will also be a real eye-catcher in your hallway!

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    Required power tools:

    Other accessories:

    • Scissors
    • Round nose pliers/Decoration pliers
    • File
    • 'Love' download template to print out

    Required materials:

    • Branch (found during a walk in the woods)
    • Braided rope, 8 mm diameter, in red (length depends on height of ceiling)
    • 2 washing line hooks with suitable dowels, e.g. 6 mm
    • Old coat hangers
    • Crepe paper (pink and red)
    • Aluminium wire, red, 2 mm diameter, approx. 1.20 m per hanger

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    Braided rope

    8 mm

    red (length depends on height of ceiling)



    washing line hooks with suitable dowels

    6 mm


    Old coat hangers


    Crepe paper

    pink, pink and red


    Aluminium wire

    approx. 1.




    Measure the height

    1 - Measure the height
    Measure the height

    At what height does the decorative branch need to be fixed? Here, the PLR 15 Laser Measure will be of use! It will provide a quick and precise measurement at the push of a button.


    Fasten the hook

    2 - Fasten the hook
    Fasten the hook

    As soon as the height and correct position for the attachment have been determined, drill two holes in the ceiling with the Uneo Cordless Rotary Hammer and a 6-millimetre masonry drill. Then secure a washing line hook with suitable dowels, and attach one end of the rope to it.


    Prepare the branch

    3 - Prepare the branch
    Prepare the branch

    Before the branch can be attached to its loop at the other end of the rope, you can make notches in the branch with a file. The coat hangers will then fit better on the branch without sliding.


    Make the hangers more attractive

    4 - Make the hangers more attractive
    Make the hangers more attractive

    It takes just a second to turn the hangers into bright eye-catchers with crepe paper: Simply cut a strip 2 centimetres wide from the paper and wrap it around the hanger, securing with a little glue.


    Shape the wire

    5 - Shape the wire
    Shape the wire

    The last trick comes at the end: Use the "Love" printout as a template and bend the aluminium wire into shape using pliers. You can then attach the wire wording to one of the pink coat hangers. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Legal note

    Bosch does not accept any responsibility for the instructions stored here. Bosch would also like to point out that you follow these instructions at your own risk. For your own safety, please take all the necessary precautions.


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