Ski coatrack

Sporty retro flair in the hall
Ski coatrack

A different use for skis: Give your old skis a new life as sporty coatrack rails.

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    Do you still have old skis gathering dust in a corner of your attic? Give them a new lease on life with the stylish retro ski coatrack. In only a few steps and with the right tools, you can have your skis looking just as stylish as they did on the piste.

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    Required power tools:

    Other accessories:

    • 3 mm wood drill bit
    • 8 mm masonry drill bit
    • Pencil
    • Possibly spirit level for checking

    Required materials:

    • Old skis
    • Wall hooks
    • Wood screws for hooks
    • 4 wall plugs and 4 matching screws
    • Cover caps for screws, black

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    Old skis



    Wall hooks


    Wood screws for hooks

    12 mm

    3 mm



    Wall plugs and matching screws

    8 mm


    Cover caps for screws, black


    Fitting the hooks

    1 - Fitting the hooks
    Fitting the hooks

    First use a pencil to mark the position of the hooks on the cleaned skis. Then it’s time to use the combi drill, which drills clean holes in the skis. Note: Use a metal drill bit on skis that have a metal core. Then screw on the wall hooks.


    Fitting to the wall

    2 - Fitting to the wall
    Fitting to the wall

    Now drill two holes on the back of each ski and mark the same hole spacing on the wall. Note: To drill the holes in the wall, you should now switch the bit in the combi drill to a masonry drill bit. Drill the holes and insert the wall plugs.


    Hiding the screws

    3 - Hiding the screws
    Hiding the screws

    Last but not least, put small cover caps on the skis to hide the screws. The sporty eye-catcher in your hall is then finished!

    Legal note

    Bosch does not accept any responsibility for the instructions stored here. Bosch would also like to point out that you follow these instructions at your own risk. For your own safety, please take all the necessary precautions.


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