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  • Jigsaw
    • Jigsaw
      Jigsaw Jigsaw Jigsaw

      The jigsaw is a power tool mainly intended for cutting plates, wooden boards or wooden beams. It is also possible to cut aluminium profiles with a jigsaw. The saw blade in a jigsaw performs a straight or oscillating stroke motion. Due to its narrow jigsaw blade, a jigsaw is particularly suitable for curve cutting.

  • Jigsaw blades
    • Jigsaw blades
      Jigsaw blades

      Jigsaw blades are the accessories used in jigsaws. There are jigsaw blades to suit the various materials, such as wood, plastic and metal. A jigsaw blade with plunge-cutting tip is used to produce an internal cutout with a jigsaw.

  • Joint
    • A “joint” is the term used to describe (e.g. when laying tiles) the space left between the individual wall or floor tiles, which is then filled with grout. Joints are intentionally made to allow for expansion of the materials because many materials become deformed over time (e.g. due to heat).

  • Joule
    • The measure of the single impact force of the accessory in rotary and demolition hammers. The joule number makes it possible to compare the single impact forces to each other.

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