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  • Bearing
    • The bearing points of tools with mechanically moving parts have to absorb and compensate forces, motions and friction. There is a wide range of bearings depending on the type of strain, whereby, for example, a slide bearing has lower friction and is therefore designed for higher speeds, whereas a rolling bearing can withstand greater force.

  • Belt sander
    • Belt sander
      Belt sander Belt sander

      The belt sander is a power tool used for sanding wood and other materials. The belt sander works with a continuous rotary sanding belt. A belt sander is, above all, suitable for preparatory work at a high material removal rate.

  • Biscuit dowels
    • Elliptical wooden dowel made of compressed wood with various dimensions. The biscuit dowel is fitted in a slot that is routed in the wooden parts and produces an invisible wooden joint.

  • Biscuit jointer
    • Hand-held power tool for routing grooves in wood. The grooves accept biscuit dowels for corner, frame, longitudinal or cross joints. Biscuit jointers work at very high speeds to guarantee a cleanly routed finish.

  • Burr
    • Sharp edge and frayed material, usually on a metallic workpiece, created during production or processing. Plastic parts can also have a burr. Metallic burrs are usually removed by brushing, filing or grinding, whereas plastic burrs are removed with special blades.

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