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The new IXO
The new IXO from Bosch has arrived. It finds favour not only due to a completely new design but also because of a number of details in terms of technology and ergonomics. Find out more from our Webspecial.

  • Optimised handling thanks to improved ergonomics
  • New PowerLight to provide either spotlight or diffused light illumination
  • New USB charger for shorter charging times

Small, lightweight, compact and attractively designed – that’s what characterises the IXO from Bosch. The IXO was launched in 2003 as the world’s first and smallest cordless screwdriver with lithium-ion technology and has since then has captivated the market, with more than ten million units having been sold. Bosch has been constantly further developing and optimising the IXO throughout five generations of design and is now launching the new IXO.

Now in its fifth generation, the cordless screwdriver attracts buyers through its improved ergonomics, which allow it to be used intuitively and in a variety grip positions. The new PowerLight with its white LED light can be used in either spotlight or diffused light mode, making it easier to work in poorly lit corners where visibility is low. Another innovative feature is the USB charger. The new charging cable shortens charging times and gives flexible connection options.

The versatile helper for any everyday situation

The IXO is ready to use at any time thanks to its lithium-ion battery. When fitted with a variety of attachments from the IXO Collection, it can uncork wine bottles, light charcoal, grind spices, cut cloth and much more. Whether an electric spice mill, carpet cutter, corkscrew or grill lighter is required, the IXO makes it possible to deal with almost any situation.

The IXO is a practical and versatile everyday helper. Whatever the undertaking, the IXO will be able to help.

Find out more from our Webspecial


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