Effortless cleaning all around the house and garden
The new high-pressure washers from Bosch
Unpack, ready, go: users can begin cleaning directly after purchasing tools in the new generation of high-pressure washers from Bosch.

The new high-pressure washers from Bosch

  • Three different tools for easy, thorough cleaning
  • Quickly set up and ready to use due to SDS click connections
  • Convenient handling and space-saving storage

High-quality features for easy, convenient handling

The tools differ in terms of the flow rate and pressure they provide, but they all offer the same advantages: cleaning lance with high-pressure gun, accessories and high-pressure hose are stored in a space-saving way on the tool, so they are always within reach and exactly where you need them. They are assembled in seconds due to the SDS click connections ‒ then the tool is ready to be used. The on/off switch on the high-pressure washers is protected against damage in a recess in the body of the tool. Directly underneath is the filter that the external water supply is connected to. It is transparent, enabling dirt that can rest in the hose to be immediately seen and removed. As a result, the high-quality metal pump positioned behind the filter in the tool is reliably protected. A separate suction hose is fitted on the back of the tool to enable the use of detergents. When required, it is simply hung in a vessel containing the appropriate additive and the detergent can be instantly applied.

The AQT 33-10 high-pressure washer is the basic model for occasional cleaning work. It is especially small and compact, and it offers a cleaning lance with fixed fan jet nozzle. The AQT 35-12 and AQT 37-13 models also have a fold-down handle and wheels, enabling them to be conveniently transported from one work location to another. They are versatile to use due to their 3-in-1 nozzle system: one turn of the nozzle is all it takes to switch from a rotary jet for removing stubborn dirt to a normal jet, or to set the low-pressure jet that is adapted to enable the use of detergents. Regardless of the spray jet selected, the motor and pump always stop automatically as soon as the accelerator switch is released. This ensures that water never escapes unintentionally. The rotating barrel also ensures a high level of comfort: instead of having to twist your wrist, you can simply select a position that is comfortable for you. After use, all of the tools can be stored in a space-saving way due to their compact design. The AQT 35-12 and AQT 37-13 models have fold-down handles, which reduces the required storage space by 40 percent.

Versatile due to comprehensive accessories

Bosch offers a comprehensive range of accessories for all three tools, including a nozzle with integrated detergent tank, two different patio cleaning heads, a 90-degree nozzle which makes it easy to reach the underside or the roof of objects, and a suction nozzle that can be used to pump water away. This makes the tools especially versatile.

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