One battery. For all tools.
Save money and work for longer thanks to Syneon Chip: With the "Power for ALL" cordless system, you can operate all your tools in one voltage class with the same battery.


• You only need one battery for all tools in the same voltage class

• Longer battery life with 2.5 Ah instead of 2.0 Ah

• Consistent performance right up to the end thanks to Syneon Chip

• Transform 10.8 volts into 12 volts

Now you can put an end once and for all to batteries and chargers that do not go together: With the "Power for ALL" cordless systems from Bosch, you only need one battery and one charger for all tools – whether you decide on the powerful 18-volt system or the lightweight and compact 10.8/12-volt system.

Compatible and with more endurance

The new lithium-ion batteries in the 10.8/12-volt system are downwards- and upwards-compatible (not with 18-volt system). This means: They work easily with tried and tested 10.8-volt tools. Conversely, the new "Power for ALL" 12-volt system can be operated with 10.8-volt batteries. With a capacity of 2.5 Ah instead of 2.0 Ah, the 10.8/12-volt system now also provides even more endurance.

Constant power

With the Bosch "Power for ALL" cordless systems, you can saw more metres and drive in more screws. The Syneon Chip gets the most out of your battery. This means: Instead of a loss of power as the battery loses charge, you can work with full power right to the end.

Find out more about the Syneon Chip

Click here to find out more about "Power for ALL"


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