Cordless tools with Syneon Chip
The intelligent Syneon Chip from Bosch controls the power in cordless tools according to your requirements – for optimum power and maximum endurance throughout the entire project. Find out more in our web special.

Intelligently controlled energy for every project

  • Precisely delivered battery power thanks to optimum balance of power and speed
  • Perfect harmony between battery, motor and gearbox
  • Up to 85% more applications than comparable competitor tools

Cordless tools from Bosch feature an intelligent electronics system – the Syneon Chip. This chip ensures that the battery power is delivered according to your requirements; depending on the task, the speed-torque ratio is optimised and the exact amount of power required is delivered. This means that the cordless tools always provide the right amount of power and maximum endurance for every project. There’s no loss of power as the battery loses charge; Bosch cordless tools with Syneon Chip deliver full power right to the end.

Maximum energy efficiency

In addition to the Syneon Chip, the key components work together – from the lithium-ion battery and powerful motor, right up to the robust planetary gearbox – ensuring maximum energy efficiency. This means that Bosch cordless tools can be used for up to 85% more applications per battery charge than comparable competitor tools.

The latest generation of lithium-ion batteries

Naturally, all Bosch cordless tools contain state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries. They are impressive in terms of power, weight and space requirements, are always ready for use and can be recharged or partially charged at any time. They are also available in the flexible Power4All system, which means that one battery and one charger can be used for all tools and garden tools in the system. DIY enthusiasts can choose between the powerful 18 V system and the compact 10.8 V system.

Find out more about Syneon Chip and lithium-ion batteries in our web special


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