Apply different types of paint with one tool
With the PFS 3000-2 and PFS 5000 E Paint Spray Systems, Bosch is now offering tools which for the first time give DIYers a free choice of whether to spray wall paints, lacquers or glazes. Thanks to their “ALLPaint” technology, they are the first spray systems for DIYers that can apply the different types of paint with only one gun.

The Bosch PFS 3000-2 and 5000 E Paint Spray Systems

  • Versatile: Spray wall paints, lacquers and glazes with the same gun
  • Easy: Easy-to-understand symbols and colour codes make it easier to operate the tool
  • Convenient: Innovative paint tank for fast refilling and cleaning

The “ALLPaint” technology makes the new paint spray systems considerably superior to previous systems: Watery wood glazes, thin-viscosity lacquers or thick-viscosity wall paints – DIYers can adapt the PFS 3000-2 and PFS 5000 E paint spray systems to the relevant type of paint in only a few moves. Painstaking preparations are significantly reduced because thanks to the powerful motors, most paints do not have to be diluted prior to spraying. The paint tank with SDS system can hold up to one litre of paint and can be quickly refilled and cleaned. Its shape ensures consistent paint supply to the gun in every work position. When one project is finished, the system just has to be rinsed briefly, the nozzle changed if necessary, and the paint mode changed ‒ then you can carry on. The fine spray mist achieves consistent painting results both on large surfaces and in small gaps and corners. There are three spraying options: a horizontal, a vertical or a pencil jet.

Practical and mobile: The Bosch PFS 3000-2 Paint Spray System

The Bosch PFS 3000-2 offers a 650 watt motor with two-stage adjustment for wood and wall paints. Typical applications include spraying walls or structured surfaces such as brickwork and lacquering or glazing pieces of furniture and garden fences. Mobility is provided by a shoulder strap so the paint spray system can be carried, and a flexible air hose which is two metres long.

For big projects: The versatile Bosch PFS 5000 E Paint Spray System

The Bosch PFS 5000 E sprays all paints undiluted with its 1200 watt motor. This powerful tool can be used to paint entire apartments or houses including the exterior ‒ from different walls, to wooden floors, through to tongue-and-groove panels. An especially long range is possible due to the integrated wheels and the four metre long, robust air hose which can be simply wound onto the tool. The paint spray system is operated conveniently using a foot-operated switch.

The Bosch PFS 3000-2 and PFS 5000 E Paint Spray Systems will be available at retail outlets from March 2014 onwards for 129.99 euros and 189.99 euros respectively including VAT. The PFS 3000-2 comes complete with a paint tank, two paint nozzles, shoulder strap, cleaning brush and paint filter. The PFS 5000 E comes with an additional paint tank and three paint nozzles for different applications.

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