Bosch IXO Collection
All for one and one for all.
The practical IXO adapters are now all also available individually – for even more unique IXO moments.

In a set or separately – the right IXO adapter for every moment

Versatile and adaptive. Master a wide variety of everyday tasks at the press of a button

We offer DIYers incredible ease of use with our Ixo cordless screwdriver.

Its practical “always ready” functionality, coupled with its slimline design, have quickly made it a sought-after alternative to the classical hand screwdriver.

This tool is by no means a classical power tool anymore, rather it can be used with different adapters to perform many different tasks such as driving screws around corners, opening wine bottles, seasoning food, and lighting charcoal.

All of the adapters – not only the previous special editions “Vino”, “Spice” and “Barbecue”, but also the tried-and-tested DIY adapters, namely angle screw adapter, off-set angle adapter and torque setting adapter – will in future be permanently included in the range as the Ixo Collection and will also be available individually.

Anyone who owns an IXO can at any time complete their very own IXO Collection for virtually every occasion to experience even more unique IXO moments.

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