“Power for ALL” 10.8/12 volt cordless system.

Compact . Flexible. Clever.

Compact power for your projects in the home and garden. The 10.8/12 volt cordless system with a long runtime thanks to the Syneon Chip.

“Power for ALL” 18 volt cordless system.

Powerful. Flexible. Clever.

More power for larger projects with the mighty Power for ALL 18 volt cordless system. The Syneon Chip lends even more endurance to your projects.

Bosch – Changed in no time.

One battery. For all tools.

Changed in no time.

In the Power for ALL system, a single battery works for all tools in its voltage class and can be changed in no time – it’s as easy and as flexible as can be.

Bosch – Versatile.

There is a tool for all the important jobs.

Bosch – Expandable.

The system grows with your needs.

Bosch – Economical.

In each case, one battery and one charger are enough for the entire system.

Bosch – Compatible.

The batteries are compatible with old and new tools.

Bosch -

Volts for every job.

The tools in the 10.8/12-volt cordless system are perfect for easier tasks. Effortlessly realise larger projects too with the powerful 18-volt cordless system. Whatever you choose, the associated battery always fits all tools in its voltage class. This means you will save more and more money with every additional purchase, by selecting the cheaper solo variant without a battery and charger.

Bosch -
Bosch – 10.8/12 V.
Bosch – 18.

10.8/12-volt cordless system. 18-volt cordless system.
Easy to medium jobs Medium to difficult jobs
Ergonomic and easy to operate Ergonomic and robust
A wide range of applications for home & garden A wide range of applications for home & garden
Compatible with 10.8-volt and 12-volt cordless tools Compatible with 18-volt cordless tools

All Power for ALL products at a glance.

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