The new Bosch PMF

Your Everyday Hero

Long-time bachelor Ed hit the jackpot: With Betty, he literally met the woman of his dreams. The unlikely couple move in together but the honeymoon period doesn’t last long as the first challenges of living together start to appear…

Episode 1

Ed gets in touch with his feminine side

When you live together for the first time, even simple tasks like cleaning your flat can lead to amazing discoveries…

Episode 2

Betty faces some decorating challenges

As soon as Ed is out of the door, Betty gets to work giving their home the feminine touch. But luck doesn’t seem to be on Betty’s side...

Episode 3

The fight for pole position

The space above the sofa is usually reserved for the picture of Ed’s beloved Harley. Neither of them expects the compromise that is reached in the end...

Episode 4

The reality of living together

Ed and Betty’s relationship is tested right from the start, as the first night in their new flat is anything but relaxing. Ed soon finds an innovative solution however…

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