Pallet Deck Chair

DIY - Demonstrated by Mark Visser
Chill out with this rustic pallet deck chair

Build your own deck chair made from a pallet - the perfect rustic addition to any outdoor living area

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    Modernise your outdoor living area with this rustic pallet chair - a simple yet effective addition to any patio or alfresco area. Relax and enjoy summer in this trendy chair.

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    Required power tools:

    Other accessories:

    Required materials:

    • Large hardwood pallet
    • Baton screws
    • Packet of galvanized timber screws

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    Large hardwood pallet



    Baton screws




    Packet of galvanized timber screws



    Break down the pallet

    1 - Break down the pallet
    Break down the pallet

    Remove any nails or fereign materials that may be of danger to you or your equipment.


    Prepare your materials

    2 - Prepare your materials
    Prepare your materials

    Using the larger, solid pieces of pallet wood, you will need to cut the following -

    - 2 x pieces 605mm long with 77.5 degree parallel cut at each end (front and rear leg)

    - 2 x pieces 620mm long with 70.5 degree parallel cuts at each end (rear legs)

    - 2 pieces 505mm long with one end cut at 90 degree and opposite end cut on the acute 76 degree

    - 2 x pieces 860mm long with both ends cut at 90 degrees (seat rails) choose one end to be the top and cut a 60mm mitre at the top at 45 degrees

    - 9 x pieces of slat type material to cut at lengths of 650mm (seat boards)


    Plane your edges

    3 - Plane your edges
    Plane your edges

    Plane, sand and pencil edge all edges of the chair.


    Clamp seat rail into position

    4 - Clamp seat rail into position
    Clamp seat rail into position

    Pre-drill teo holes with two galvanized baton screws at each end. Remove the clamps and raise place two slats under the assembly you just made. Now, take an armrest piece and place it on its edge so that 2cm overhangs the outside edge of the rear leg. This should leave 50mm overhang at the front leg. Pre-drill holes and screw in position.


    Armrest and backrest

    5 - Armrest and backrest
    Armrest and backrest

    Place your backrest piece into position, at 700mm down from the top, make and line it up with the top of the seat rail. On the inside edge of the armrest piece, you need to notch out a 30mm piece at a depth of 20mm to accommodate the backrest.


    Mirror the process

    6 - Mirror the process
    Mirror the process

    Once you have notched the armrest, place the pieces in position, clamp, pre-drill and countersink.

    This completes one side of your chair, repeat the process to mirror the side you have made. Ensure you mirror the piece and don’t make it identical as it has to be opposite.

    Once both are finished, stand uprught and clamp a seat slat into a temporary place


    Screw in the seat panels

    7 - Screw in the seat panels
    Screw in the seat panels

    First, place your first seat slat on the seat rails and overhang by 2cm. Pre-drill and screw into place.



    8 - Backrest

    For the backrest, place your first piece 2.5cm aboce the edge. Pre-drill and screw into place.


    Finishing touches

    9 - Finishing touches
    Finishing touches

    Trim and mitre any sharp corners. Sand and pencil edge all of your pieces before assembly. Refer to images as tyour progress through the project.

    9 - Finishing touches
    Finishing touches

    Legal note

    Bosch does not accept any responsibility for the instructions stored here. Bosch would also like to point out that you follow these instructions at your own risk. For your own safety, please take all the necessary precautions.


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