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  • L-shaped bracket
    • Widened connecting and fastening part mainly used in woodworking. The L-shaped bracket is a punched steel strip folded at a 90-degree angle. It can be used to connect two building components (e.g. table leg and table top) at a right angle by screwing both of them to the bracket.

  • LED (light emitting diode)
    • LEDs consist of a semiconductor material that lights up when electrical voltage is applied. Many colours are possible depending on which substances are added to the semiconductor material. LEDs are perfectly suitable for use as display elements.

  • Laser rangefinder
    • Laser rangefinder
      Laser rangefinder

      The laser rangefinder uses a distance measuring process performed by sending and receiving a light signal (laser). The distance covered is calculated by the laser rangefinder by means of the time that passes between sending and receiving the signal. This measurement process is referred to as an “optical measurement process”. The advantages of laser rangefinders are their accuracy and time-saving.

  • Lithium-ion technology
    • Lithium-ion technology
      Lithium-ion technology

      Lithium-ion technology was used for the first time in power tools in 2003: The IXO from Bosch was the world’s first power tool with lithium-ion batteries. The advantages of the new battery technology in comparison to conventional technologies are as follows:

      • No self-discharge of the batteries over time, meaning that they are ready for use at any time
      • No memory effect (i.e. recharging a battery when it is not fully discharged does not lead to loss in capacity)
      • Very small battery cells (i.e. the tools are smaller, more compact and handier)
      • More environmentally friendly

  • Lock
    • Mechanical device for fixing movable parts. Often used to protect machine or tool parts against damage during transport. Locking is mainly achieved using catches, safety bolts, screws or clamping mechanisms.

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