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  • Deburring
    • The removal of sharp edges and frayed material, what are known as burrs, usually on metallic workpieces. Plastic parts can also have a burr. On wood, the equivalent of deburring is edge chamfering. Metallic burrs are usually removed by brushing, filing or grinding, whereas plastic burrs are removed with special blades.

  • Degree of efficiency
    • The degree of efficiency is the ratio between power input (power taken from the electricity network) and power output (power that a machine delivers at the accessory). The higher the degree of efficiency, the more effectively the machine works.

  • Delta sander
    • Delta sander
      Delta sander Delta sander

      The delta sander is a sanding tool with a triangular sanding plate, which is particularly suitable for fine sanding in corners, edges or hard-to-reach areas. See delta sander.

  • Depth stop
    • Depth stop
      Depth stop

      If an exact depth has to be maintained when drilling, a depth stop, which is integrated into many impact drills or is implemented, for example, by a dust extraction system with integrated depth stop, can be used to set a dimension. The drilled hole then has exactly this set dimension.

  • Detector
    • Detector
      Detector Detector

      A detector is a measuring tool that is used to ensure that electric cables are not hit when drilling and sewage pipes are not damaged when chiselling. You use the detector to locate metal, wooden substructures and electric cables beforehand.

  • Drill bit
  • Drill bit types
    • Different materials (e.g. wood, metal or stone) require different drill bit types. The best-known drill bits are called twist drill bits due to their appearance and shape.

      Brad point drill bits– A characteristic feature of these bits is their thin point in the middle of the tip, which is used for centring. Wood drill bits are usually made of a chrome vanadium alloy (VA).

      Metal twist drill bits– Metal twist drill bits are divided – depending on the material – into three categories. They are made of High Speed Steel (HSS).

      Stone or masonry drill bits– For drilling hard materials made of stone, masonry and concrete. The cutting edge is equipped with a tungsten carbide chip and is normally chisel-shaped.

  • Drill chuck
    • Clamping mechanism fitted to the spindle of an impact drill, cordless drill/driver, cordless combi drill, cordless impact drill or rotary hammer, the purpose of which is to hold accessories, such as drill bits or screwdriver bits.

  • Drilling
    • Drilling

      Producing holes. The tools normally used for this are hand-held impact drills, cordless drill/drivers (suitable for wood), cordless combi drills, cordless impact drills (suitable for wood and masonry) and rotary hammers (suitable for wood, masonry and concrete). Holes can be drilled in different materials using the corresponding accessory, the drill bit, which is connected to the machine by means of a clamping mechanism, the drill chuck. However, the correct drill bit type should be used for each material.

  • Dust extraction
    • Dust extraction
      Dust extraction

      Feature for removing dust and chips that occur when working with a power tool. Integrated dust extraction is performed by means of a suction blower with micro-filter system integrated into the power tool. External dust extraction is performed by means of an external extraction hose with a vacuum cleaner. A dust extraction system saves time because you do not have to clean up after the actual work is done.

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