More flexible than ever
Introducing the Zamo III, a 4-in-1 laser measure
We’ve found a way to open up completely new possibilities for DIY enthusiasts to realise creative ideas.

More flexible than ever

The Bosch Zamo is now multi-functional with it’s range of adapters – a tape measure, wheel, and laser line adapter. More than just a standard laser measure, the Zamo III is a universal helper for every household.

Tape measure adapter for easy and precise measurements

Say goodbye to ‘close enough’ measurements. The tape adapter transforms the Zamo into a digital tape measure which can determine short distances up to 1.5 m.

Suitable for determining:

  • Waist, arm, or leg measurements
  • The size of picture frames or TV diagonals
  • The circumference of smaller objects such as a bin
  • Distance between nails or screws on materials such as wood or the wall

Bosch | Bosch Power Tools for DIY

Wheel adapter for curved surfaces

Looking like a pizza cutter, this adapter glides smoothly over curved surfaces and starts measuring as soon as the wheel touches a surface, and stops measuring once it’s removed.

Suitable for determining:

  • How many metres of cable are needed
  • How much material is needed to upcycle an armchair
  • Curved surfaces
  • Whether pictures are spaced out evenly when hung on a wall

Bosch | Bosch Power Tools for DIY

Laser line adapter to perfectly align objects

If you’re finding you always hang the pictures in the living room crooked then the laser line adapter is a great solution. For example, you can place the Zamo on a tabletop or a pile of books and align the adapter using two levels, like any standard spirit level. You can project a horizontal or vertical line as needed.

Suitable for:

  • Hanging up picture frames
  • Installing new shelving in the bedroom
  • Mounting a TV to the wall
  • Aligning tiles in the bathroom or kitchen

Bosch | Bosch Power Tools for DIY

The Zamo III is available in a set with adapters, or as a standalone laser measure.

View the Zamo III here


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