Newly designed laser measure
A new look for the Bosch DIY Zamo
Measure distances of up to 20 meters accurately to within three millimeters in a matter of seconds ‒ for example to check whether the desired vintage table really does fit in the recess. The Zamo is also very useful when you’re viewing a new apartment: You can measure rooms much more easily and precisely than with a tape measure.

New Bosch Zamo

Easy, intuitive operation

Press the button once – the exact distance will appear immediately on the dis-play, which is easy to read thanks to its background lighting. The Zamo continuously displays the current distance between the back edge of the tool and the surface that the emitted laser beam hits. If, for example, you want to measure the height of a cupboard, you simply put the Zamo on the base of the cupboard, aim it at the top of the cupboard, press the button ‒ and the height is displayed instantly. If you press the button again, the next measurement will be taken. When the tool is switched off, the display blends into the black, glossy surface of the Zamo. After use, the laser measure fits perfectly in the lining of its approximately 7 x 7 x 14-centimeter-high metal box ‒ a real head-turner.

Bosch laser technology for precise measuring results

The laser technology used in the tool ensures exact measuring results while simultaneously allowing for a very small and lightweight design. Laser measures offer two major advantages over the ultrasound distance measurers often offered in the DIY segment: they are more accurate and reliable. Whereas ultrasound tools only measure accurately to the centimeter because the measurement is made by means of sound wave, laser measures deliver millimeter-accurate results. The range is also considerably longer than that of ultrasound measuring tools. With the Zamo, Bosch enables anyone to use this precise laser technology.


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