Turn old into new.

Paint residue, carpet residue, sealant and tough glue residue: Everything that would usually take time and effort to erase can be removed easily from surfaces with Starlock accessories. Take your project and your multi-tool into your own hands and make room for something new.

Bosch -

Accessories overview: Scraping.

  • Accessories for multifunction tools
    Starlock HCS scraper ATZ 52 SFC, flexible
    Removing soft carpet adhesive residues
  • Accessories for multifunction tools
    Starlock HCS scraper ATZ 52 SC, rigid
    Removing mortar or tile adhesive (e.g. when replacing damaged tiles)
  • Accessories for multifunction tools
    Starlock 13-piece universal set
    Basic applications combined in one set (sawing, sanding and scraping)
  • Accessories for multifunction tools
    Starlock 4-piece floor/installation set
    Versatile set for floor/installation work (e.g. cutting a door frame to length on the floor, cutting out laminate/parquet, plunge cuts in laminated panels or wood, cutting recesses in furniture components)
  • Accessories for multifunction tools
    Starlock 4-piece tile set
    Versatile tile set for renovation and reconstruction work (e.g. routing joints on wall and floor tiles, removing mortar or tile adhesive, routing smaller cutouts in soft wall tiles)

Different projects, one solution.

Bosch Starlock – the versatile accessories for your multitool.

Bosch offers you a versatile range of Starlock accessories to equip your multifunction tool for various small and big projects in and around your home.

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Accessories for general and specific DIY applications

Bosch - bosch_pmf_geraete_modul01-checkmark

Compatible with all multifunction tools

Bosch - bosch_pmf_geraete_modul01-checkmark

Unique technologies for reliable results

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Change tools in three seconds:

With AutoClic, you can change the Starlock accessories on your PMF multifunction tool faster than ever before.

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More accessories – more uses:

Starlock accessories now open up even more possibilities. Suitable for all new and existing PMF multifunction tools from Bosch and other brands.

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