Bosch NanoBlade saws.

The saw – reinvented.

"Just" sawing something effortlessly? The new Bosch NanoBlade saws now make this possible for the first time. And with precision and no vibrations as well. You can see here how the idea behind this world first was born.

Bosch designs the NanoBlade saw

The basic idea.

How we came up with the idea behind the NanoBlade saw.

It all began with a dream: The dream that our customers had of a saw that is convenient, vibration-free and yet precise. And so we began to plan the "saw for everyone".

Bosch designs the NanoBlade saw blade

The chain.

What our greatest challenge was.

The most difficult part was developing the NanoBlade technology. The chain – the core of our new saws – required a large number of tests in particular.

Bosch develops the form of the NanoBlade saws

The housing.

How the form of our NanoBlade saws came into being.

The first idea was a prototype with a swivel-mounted head. But this idea soon fell flat in our customer tests. Then we found the perfect form after further testing.

Bosch staff speak about the initial idea for the development of Bosch NanoBlade saws.

The NanoBlade saw system.

"I thought it sounded a bit crazy at first."

The creation of the innovative NanoBlade saw system required our specialists to use all of their expertise and completely break the mould. And that wasn’t always easy…

Saw effortlessly and without vibrations with Bosch NanoBlade technology

Bosch NanoBlade.

40 patents. 45,000 hours of work. Invented for life.

The principle of a chainsaw in miniature form: NanoBlade technology is based on a revolving chain consisting of chain links just 4 mm in size. It ensures that the NanoBlade saws run with particularly high precision and without vibrations.

The result is:

Saw more easily than ever before.

Bosch NanoBlade saws are now making sawing tasks easier for all DIY enthusiasts – whether they are beginners or advanced.

You can see here which tasks these are and how it works exactly.

The new saw generation.

Bosch - Modul05_01

EasyCut 12.

For the branch in the garden or the old wooden box in the cellar: The EasyCut 12 cordless NanoBlade saw is a cordless, lightweight aid for rapid, low-vibration cutting to length.

Bosch - Modul05_02

EasyCut 50 and AdvancedCut 50.

From right-angled cuts and simple plunge cuts to mitre and groove cuts: The EasyCut 50 and AdvancedCut 50 can produce precise cuts quickly and with a low level of vibrations.

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