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  • Operating speed (operating stroke rate)
    • With some power tools, such as impact drills, rotary hammers, angle grinders, planers and routers, the operating speed states the no-load speed (idling speed). With jigsaws, the no-load speed is the no-load stroke rate.

  • Orbital sander
    • Orbital sander
      Orbital sander Orbital sander

      Due to the orbital motion of its sanding surface, an orbital sander ensures a fine finish, especially on large surfaces. The material removal rate of an orbital sander is lower than that of a belt sander.

  • Overload
    • Overload often occurs in power tools when excessive feed pressure is applied to the tool; a frequent cause is also the use of unsuitable, blunt or incorrectly ground accessories. As soon as overload occurs, the motor protection (if present) switches the machine off automatically.

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