Ergonomic DIY.

Effortless to use. In any position.

When the tool is used correctly, the ergonomic design of the new Ergonomic-Series from Bosch ensures an optimum posture to help make DIY as kind to your health as possible.

Bosch - echip

Equipped with the Syneon Chip – Optimum power and maximum endurance for your project.


Ergonomic DIY.

Why we care about perfect ergonomics.

The term “ergonomics” is derived from Old Greek – “ergon” (work) and “nomos” (law). Ergonomics can therefore be translated as the law of work. The aim of ergonomics is to adapt working conditions in order to minimise health burdens during work.

Back and joint pain and muscle tension are some of the most widespread illnesses in industrialised countries. Similar health problems can also be triggered by DIY. As such, the well-known “tennis arm” is increasingly becoming the “DIYer’s arm” – often caused by an incorrect grip during drilling, screwdriving or painting tasks.

However, using ergonomic tools and observing some basic ergonomic rules can easily prevent such pain during DIY work.


Bosch - Bosch – for more direct power transfer

The right grip…

… for more direct power transfer.

The Ergonomic tools from Bosch are held high up. The tool’s axis and the handle recess are in line with each other. As a result, the screwdriver always sits perfectly in the hand and can transfer its power better. The modified angle of the dual handle also reduces muscular strain. The result: You save your strength and prevent muscle tension.

Bosch -… for more force from the shoulder.

Horizontal arm position…

… for more force from the shoulder.

Hold the Ergonomic tools so that the drilling axis and your arm form a horizontal line. In this way, you can make optimum use of the force from your entire arm and shoulder. This prevents one-sided strain on the arm muscles.

Bosch -… for perfect control.

Second handle…

… for perfect control.

A lot of power is required especially when drilling large-diameter holes. Thanks to the additional handle on the Ergonomic tools, you can spread the exertion onto both arms. You therefore put equal strain on both shoulders – and prevent false posture and muscle tension. When drilling, this handle also ensures more precision and more comfortable tool control.

Ergonomic DIY.

The most important rules.

Bosch -Choose the right tool
Choose the right tool

A low weight, compact design and the ergonomics of the tools are crucial to working without becoming tired, especially when using them for lengthy, continuous tasks.

Bosch -Vary your movements
Vary your movements

Add as much variety as possible to your movements and avoid monotonous movements.

Bosch -Pay attention to your posture
Pay attention to your posture

DIY work should be executed consciously and with a suitable posture – always keep your back straight, ensure that you have firm footing and spread the strain (e.g. by working with both arms).

Bosch -Take regular breaks
Take regular breaks

Even if you have difficulty doing so: Avoid screwdriving, drilling and hammering for hours at a time. Take a short break about every 30 minutes and stretch your body to relax your muscles and joints.

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