#easyXMAS with the EasyCut 12.
Saw more easily than ever before.

It’s finally Christmas time again! At home, the scent of biscuits is in the air, the fire is crackling and the candles are lit. The final preparations for the yuletide festivities are under way. But the idyllic scene doesn’t last for long and the first obstacles are already getting in the way of a successful Christmas celebration…

Episode 1.

Achieving the goal in a roundabout way.

Emily is looking forward to celebrating Christmas with her boyfriend Ben and his family for the first time. Upon arriving at the house, the anticipation is short-lived and Ben has to make a decision. But is it the right one?

Episode 2.

If something doesn’t fit, make it fit.

The distribution of roles is clear: Ben and his father are felling the Christmas tree for the celebration. Upon arriving at the house, things begin to go less smoothly than planned and soon the men are at a loss. Until an unexpected helper comes to the rescue…

Bosch EasyCut 12 for varied applications in the home and garden

The EasyCut 12.

The versatile helper for inside and outside.

Sawing shelves? Chopping up branches? With the cordless EasyCut 12, which weighs just 900 grams, you can effortlessly carry out daily tasks in the home and garden – even freehand and therefore without having to clamp the workpiece.


Episode 3.

Space for the whole family.

It’s a success. The feast for the whole family is ready and the celebrations can finally get going. But something is not quite right… Something is missing…

Episode 4.

The celebration is saved.

The evening is perfect. Max is sitting in front of the fireplace in the living room, enraptured by his grandfather’s stories. Until Max suddenly hears a knock at the window. He could never have imagined what happened next…

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