New Year, new shelf.
The perfect way to kick start 2017
Complete those tasks you should have done last year.

New Year, new shelf.

Introducing the 48 piece Vline set. Equipped to handle virtually all your DIY project. From putting up shelves to assembling flat packs, or putting together those Christmas presents. With high performance titanium nitride coating. The highest quality surface finish for extreme loads. Robust wood and masonry drill bits, as well as screwdriver bits and nutsetters for secure attachments/fixings. Also included: Screwdriver with ratchet function and pull-out magnetic rod for easy pick-up of screws, nails and other magnetic parts.

So it is clear to see that the Vline is a must have for all DIY enthusiasts, due to clear layout and rugged case designed for maximum protection of contents. So why not Enhance your DIY projects today?

All Your DIY needs done with the Vline set .

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