Levelling with both accuracy and ease
The new Quigo generation
Handy, fast and easy to operate, the Quigo fulfills all your levelling need

The new Quigo generation

The Quigo cross line laser simultaneously projects horizontal and vertical lines for jobs such as hanging pictures or implementing skirting boards. For ease of use the Quigo not only has one button operation but also self-levels for peace of mind so that accuracy is guaranteed. The high levels of accuracy are also contributed to with the cross line laser technology with an accuracy of +/- 0.8mm. The Quigo can be fixed almost anywhere using the versatile clamp so you can really get creative and with a working range of 10m the Quigo is applicable for various DIY tasks.

To sustain innovation Bosch have also released the Quigo plus, ideal for creative individuals and perfectionists. The Quigo plus has a special feature which no other cross line laser has, which is the interval markings feature on the laser line. This enables precision and creativity so that our users have the best of both worlds! Carry out tasks such as hanging pictures across a wall, all with the same distance, paint a calendar on the wall or even a gradient painting rather than purchasing wallpaper. The Quigo plus cross line laser accompanies a tripod which enable ultimate flexibility. Now, with both hands free, you can immediately mark all of the holes you need to drill along the laser line, or you can start to mask straight away. This means you can get your home looking exactly how you like it, with minimal effort.

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