Detection at the flick of a switch
The new and improved Truvo
Easy-to-use with a new and improved design, the Truvo allows you to detect both metal and live wires within your own home.

The new and improved Truvo

The new, updated Truvo allows you to conveniently detect metal pipes and live wires throughout your home. An easy-to-use tool with a new slider-switch design that is accessible for everyone. Bosch detection technology provides reliable detection for both metal and wire. Improve your projects by detecting ferrous metals up to 70m, non-ferrous metals up to 60m and live wires up to 50m. The Truvo incorporates a traffic-light LED function which gives you a clear indication of any metal or wires that may be lurking behind closed doors. An audible warning sign will sound to clearly notify the user when it has detected pipes or wires, so you are always aware even in loud surroundings. In addition, the auto-calibration function ensures minimal mistakes, improving reliability of the tool and therefore the overall standard of your projects!

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