The new UniversalInspect inspection camera
See into those hard-to-reach areas
New product in the detection range for DIY enthusiasts to help check if you are going around the U-bend

The UniversalInspect inspection camera

A clear view with easy handling

Introducing the new UniversalInspect from Bosch, an inspection camera with clear view and handling that can be handy for both simple and more complex DIY jobs.

With the UniversalInspect, you can effortlessly inspect dark and hard-to-reach areas around the house or car and document your findings by taking pictures.

The UniversalInspect has an internal memory of up to 8 images but its integrated micro SD card slot means you can save many more.

The small camera head means that it has easy access to really see inside those pesky nooks and crannies. The camera head is also fitted with digital zoom and LED lighting so that you can really capture that high quality picture.

The potential applications are limitless with the UniversalInspect. For example, With a the cable having an Protection rating of IP 67, you can really see what is happening in your drains and U-bends and the black-and-white contrast means that the images re still clear when photographing reflective surfaces, like water or metal.

On purchase, the UniversalInspect has a protective carry case supplied with it to keep the tool safe during transport and storage, along with batteries, hook, mirror and magnets, to really help capture the best-quality photographs possible.

To learn more about the UniversalInspect, Click here


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