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    • 13.08.2019

      The new product design

      The new design of our products is not just modern, it also makes them easier to use: A reduced number of operating elements featuring a very simple design make working with the tools intuitive and user-friendly. That makes DIY work even more fun.

    • 13.09.2017
      The UniversalInspect inspection camera

      See into those hard-to-reach areas

      Experience Bosch's first inspection camera for DIY enthusiasts with which you can easily inspect dark and hard-to-reach areas all around your home or car, and document the results as an image.

    • 01.06.2017
      Bosch POWER FOR ALL

      One battery. For all tools.

      Save money and work for longer thanks to Syneon Chip: With the "Power for ALL" cordless system, you can operate all your tools in one voltage class with the same battery.

    • 19.04.2017
      Find the perfect tool for your projects.

      The new Bosch impact drills.

      Choose the tool that's right for you from our extensive range of impact drills. They're compact and easy to use. And now drill even faster thanks to the optimised impact mechanism.

    • 14.03.2017
      Available at our online shop

      Warehouse Products now for sale

      Warehouse Products are priced 30% less than the equivalent new product in the Bosch DIY and Garden online shop. A Warehouse Product has not been used however the original retail packaging may be damaged (e.g. marked or scuffed). Alternatively the product may be supplied in a brown carton. Warehouse Products come with the same accessories and manuals as the equivalent new product. Warehouse Products are sold with a 2 year warranty and can be registered for the 3 year warranty in MyBosch (i.e. as per equivalent new product). Terms and conditions of supply are as per the equivalent new product.

    • 13.03.2017
      Bosch EasyVac 12

      Keep that home tidy.

      Another option by Bosch DIY for cleaning and tidying your home. The EasyVac 12 was a new edition to the DIY power tools family in late 2016.

    • 01.01.2017
      Bosch PDR 18 LI cordless impact driver

      Introducing the latest member of the Bosch 18V Power for ALL System

      The PDR 18 LI is a cordless impact driver from Bosch. It has the shortest head length in its class which makes it a perfect tool for working in tight conditions, or to work in those hard to reach areas. Why not start the year off with a bang and tackle all your DIY jobs?

    • 01.01.2017
      New Year, new shelf.

      The perfect way to kick start 2017

      Complete those tasks you should have done last year.

    • 01.01.2017
      The Bosch PTD 1 Thermal Detector

      The Bosch PTD 1 Thermal Detector

      The most simple solution to detect thermal bridges and mould conditions within your home.

    • 01.12.2016
      Bosch PKP 18 E Glue Gun

      Feel Festive

      Christmas is rolling around extremely fast. How are are you going to prepare your home and your gifts ready for the big day? Bosch may just have a solution.

    • 07.11.2016
      Measuring Tools Cashback Promotion

      Measuring Tools Cashback Promotion

      Offer valid when you buy any Bosch DIY Measuring, Levelling or Detecting tool from now until the end of 2016.

    • 01.11.2016
      Bosch PMF 220 CE Multi-Function tool

      Get your home ready for the festive season!

      Have you been putting off the laborious sanding jobs from last year, because the manual labour involved is both painful and time-consuming? Bosch DIY has created the ultimate power tool to make sanding a breeze and start your New Year’s DIY tasks in style.

    • 11.10.2016
      Bosch PFS Paint Sprayer

      Prepare your home for the change in seasons

      With winter just round the corner, it is time to make your home feel as cosy and inviting as possible. This couldn’t be easier thanks to the Bosch PFS Paint sprayer. Upcycle and decorate to help your home become your favourite place to be!

    • 10.10.2016
      The new and improved Truvo

      The new and improved Truvo

      Easy-to-use with a new and improved design, the Truvo allows you to detect both metal and live wires within your own home.

    • 14.09.2016
      Measuring made easier

      The new and improved Zamo

      A precise, convenient and compact tool. Measures lengths and distances with a one button function.

    • 30.06.2016
      Bosch PMF multifunction tools.

      Meet any challenge flexibly.

      Regardless of whether routing, scraping, sawing, separating, cutting, sanding or polishing: The Bosch PMF multifunction tools can do simply everything. The versatile, easy-to-handle all-rounders, which allow fast accessory changing, are your problem-solvers for all kinds of improvement and renovation work.

    • 15.06.2016

      Choosing the right Jigsaw Blade for the job

      Bosch jigsaw blades set the quality standard worldwide. They are powerful and durable, and vary depending on speed, precision, stability and accuracy to ensure that you have the right accessory for your application.

    • 14.06.2016

      The new Quigo generation

      Handy, fast and easy to operate, the Quigo fulfills all your levelling need

    • 21.04.2016
      Ergonomic superhero

      Power Tool of the Year at the DIY Week Awards 2016

      PSB 18 LI-2 Ergonomic cordless hammer drill driver ensures that you have every project perfectly under control. The combination of the best ergonomics, high-endurance performance and precise handling gives you a DIYers dream tool.

    • 20.03.2016

      Discover the power of Bosch. Just add you.

      Look out for the Bosch pressure washer campaign which will feature on TV screens throughout the UK this spring!

    • 01.01.2016
      The power of ergonomics

      PSR & PSB 18 LI-2 Ergonomic

      Superb ergonomics, compact design and a powerful motor for tireless screw-driving and drilling work – that is what distinguishes these new Ergonomic tools. Find out more in our web special.

    • 25.11.2015

      Christmas Gift Guide

      Christmas shopping can often be a struggle. With the Bosch Christmas gift guide you can find a selection of innovative products perfect for your loved ones, from garden lovers to keen DIY’ers.

    • 01.06.2015
      The PLR 15 laser rangefinder from Bosch


      The PLR 15 will be featured on TV throughout the month of June. With its ease of use and accuracy the PLR 15 is the perfect tool for any measuring job, making measuring simply simple.

    • 01.06.2015
      Intelligently controlled energy for every project

      Cordless tools with Syneon Chip

      The intelligent Syneon Chip from Bosch controls the power in cordless tools according to your requirements – for optimum power and maximum endurance throughout the entire project. Find out more in our web special.

    • 01.04.2015

      The new IXO

      The new IXO from Bosch has arrived. It finds favour not only due to a completely new design but also because of a number of details in terms of technology and ergonomics. Find out more from our Webspecial.

    • 01.08.2014
      Bosch IXO BBQ

      Bosch IXO BBQ

      Impress your friends with your BBQing prowess this summer! With a little help from Bosch DIY you will host a BBQ for your friends that the whole neighbourhood will be envious of.

    • 30.07.2014
      Bosch IXO

      Bosch IXO Celebration

      Bosch cordless screwdriver sells 10million units since launch- a modern day fairytale of the world’s best-selling power tool!

    • 02.06.2014
      Bosch World Experience 2014

      Bosch World Experience 2014

      Become one of six Bosch Explorers and travel around the world from July 20th to August 6th. Find out for yourself what we at Bosch mean when we say "Invented for Life".

    • 01.06.2014
      The new alternative to a tape measure.

      Bosch PLR 15

      With one button operation, the PLR 15 is easy to use. You simply switch it on, take the measurement and you're done! It's the new quick and easy alternative to a tape measure.

    • 01.06.2014
      Bosch IXO BBQ

      Bosch IXO BBQ

      Impress your friends with your BBQing prowess!

    • 01.06.2014
      Bosch DIY and Garden

      Bosch at Chelsea Flower Show

      Whatever your DIY and garden project, you’ll be inspiredby the latest range of Bosch tools!

    • 01.06.2014
      Bosch 10.8 Lithium-Ion Innovations

      Bosch tools to knock his socks off!

      What do you buy the Dad that has everything? Bosch is here to help with an array of nifty DIY tools destined to please the patriarch in your life this year.

    • 01.06.2014
      Bosch PFS 3000-2 AllPaint Sprayer

      Bosch PFS 3000-2

      The new AllPaint technology allows you to spray laquers and varnishes on garden fences or wallpaint into hard-to-reach areas.

    • 14.05.2014

      All for one and one for all.

      With its practical adapters, the IXO masters a wide variety of everyday tasks at the press of a button. Whether you are doing hobby work, driving screws or need handy little utensils in the kitchen. In future you can compile your very own IXO Collection with the separately available adapters.

    • 01.03.2014
      10.8 Lithium-Ion System


      With spring often comes time for a home makeover. Many of us might be considering taking advantage of the rising property market by selling our houses and there are lots of options to improve our most valuable asset.

    • 01.02.2014
      Sanding Roller PRR 250 ES


      Have you been putting off the laborious sanding jobs from last year, because the manual labour involved is both painful and time-consuming? Bosch DIY has created the ultimate power tool to make sanding a breeze and start your New Year’s DIY tasks in style.

    • 01.01.2014
      Mini Circular Saw PKS 16 Multi

      The handy saw for precise straight cuts in many materials!

      An overflowing shed full of power tools is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Market leader Bosch DIY aims to perfect the art of the multi-tool compact saw capable of several DIY cutting tasks with as little effort and dust as possible.

    • 24.08.2012
      Bosch PSR Select

      The right bit. Always at hand.

      For DIYers who want to always have their bits at hand when screwdriving, there is now the PSR Select from Bosch. This cordless screwdriver has an integrated bit cylinder that contains twelve standard bits.

    • 20.08.2012
      Bosch PPR 250 and Bosch PFS 105 E WALLPaint

      Painting reinvented

      The two new Bosch paint systems for wall paint complement each other perfectly: the PPR 250 Electric Paint Roller is designed for consistent, virtually drip-free painting of large, smooth surfaces such as ceilings and walls. The PFS 105 E WALLPaint Paint Spray System replaces the paintbrush when painting textured surfaces such as masonry, and it makes it easier to apply paint in hard-to-reach areas.

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