BBQing made easy.
Impress your friends with your BBQing prowess this summer!


Longer, balmy evenings can mean only one thing; it’s BBQ time! Prepping and igniting your BBQ is essential to al fresco culinary success, which is linked to an age old problem of lighter fuel marinated food. Innovation experts Bosch Green have the answer with the IXO BBQ. The tool is an attachment to the bestselling Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver and will pump oxygen into the heart of the BBQ’s fuel, helping to build a strong flame quickly.

And with the following guide on how to build your own BBQ accessory stand you will be able to host a BBQ for your friends that the whole neighbourhood will be envious of.

Follow these simple steps to create your very own BBQ accessory stand and – in less than two hours – you’ll be good to go:

Material list (yellow, green and blue paint optional)

3 fruit crates

4 swivel casters (IKEA, DIY store)

24 wood screws measuring 3 x 20mm (DIY store)

4 small brackets (DIY store)


1. Begin by sawing off the first 2 boards on the wide side of three fruit crates. For this task use a multifunction tool, such as Bosch DIY’s PMF 250 CES.

2. Next, sand down the cut edges. For comfort and ease Bosch suggests a cordless multi-sander like the PSM 10.8 LI – ideal for getting the job done quickly.

3. Fit 4 casters underneath one of the 3 crates, Bosch DIY’s cordless screwdriver – the IXO – is ideal for the task. Place the crates on top of each other and screw them together from below, using 2 small metal brackets for each.

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