PLR Laser Measure Campagin
The PLR 15 will be featured on TV throughout the month of June. With its ease of use and accuracy the PLR 15 is the perfect tool for any measuring job, making measuring simply simple

The PLR 15 laser rangefinder from Bosch

Measures distances of up to 15 meters within seconds

-Easy to handle due to self-explanatory single-button operation

-Low-cost entry-level model for anybody

-The smallest rangefinder on the market, it fits in any trouser pocket

Switch it on, and off you go: The PLR 15 laser rangefinder from Bosch will be available in future for do-it-yourselfers who want to easily measure lengths and distances. This small and compact instrument – 10 x 3.6 cm – can be used to measure distances of up to 15 meters to an accuracy of three millimeters within seconds – for example to check whether the new sofa you’ve had your eye on will actually fit between the wall and the balcony door. When moving house, it is also considerably faster and more precise to measure rooms with the PLR 15 than with a folding rule or tape measure. Moreover, this handy instrument can be taken everywhere even in your jacket or trouser pocket thanks to its small dimensions, and its weight of only 80 grams.

Self-explanatory to use like the Quigo

As with the tried-and-tested Quigo cross line laser, the PLR 15 that Bosch is now launching onto the market is another instrument that is especially easy to operate and therefore also suitable for beginners. As with the Quigo, the PLR 15 is self-explanatory to use: there is only one switch that needs to be moved. You slide this switch back to automatically start the distance measurement. The instrument continuously displays the current distance between the reference edge of the instrument and the surface where the laser beam hits. If, for example, you want to measure the length of a wall, you simply hold the PLR 15 against the adjacent wall, aim at the opposite wall, and the length will be displayed straightaway. You slide the switch back to the starting position after measurement to switch off the laser rangefinder. A new feature is the red button that becomes visible after the instrument has been switched on. Press this button to store the current measured value and read the measured distance conveniently on the illuminated display.

Precise measuring results thanks to laser technology

Laser rangefinders offer two major advantages over the ultrasound rangefinders often offered in the DIY segment: they are more accurate and reliable. This is because of the different ways in which the technologies work:

-With ultrasound technology, sound waves are emitted. The waves spread very wide, can hit multiple objects, can be deflected, and therefore may display inaccurate results.

-With laser technology, the laser is emitted in a straight and directed beam onto the target which is being aimed at. In this way, the instrument works with pinpoint accuracy and delivers reliable, precise results.

With the PLR 15, Bosch is now enabling anybody to use laser technology. This tool belongs to the series of easy-to-operate, self-explanatory measuring tools, which is especially suitable for beginners and people with little DIY experience. The series is to be continually expanded.

The PLR 15 laser rangefinder will be available at retail outlets from October 2013 onwards at the recommended retail price of 59.99 euros including VAT. It comes complete with two 1.5 V AAA batteries.

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