EasyVac 12
Keep that home tidy.
Another option by Bosch DIY for cleaning and tidying your home. The EasyVac 12 was a new edition to the DIY power tools family in late 2016.

Bosch EasyVac 12

• 2-in-1: Handheld and Standard vacuum

• Versatility- Includes various accessories for different applications

Introducing the EasyVac 12, an addition to the Bosch DIY range in late 2016. The EasyVac 12 is a 2-in 1 vacuum cleaner, meaning that it can be used handheld or as a standard vacuum, making it convenient for a number of different applications. This is the perfect addition to your home, whether you’re cleaning sawdust or the cereal you may have dropped on the floor. The high performance and low weight vacuum, will make cleaning as easy as child’s play.

The compact, ergonomic and lightweight design ensures that the vacuum is comfortable to use and can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its cordless technology. It is part of the 12V POWERFORALL range, meaning you can use any existing Bosch 10.8V or 12V battery. This is convenient if you already have products/batteries in the same voltage class.

As well as the cordless technology, the EasyVac12 is ideal for those hard to reach areas due to its additional crevice nozzle, and for cleaning upholstery thanks to the brush nozzle. Complete with a flat-pleated filter, you can be assured that vacuuming will never seem a chore.

EasyVac 12


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