Paint Spray System

PFS 1000
(Nozzle for lacquers)

Goodbye brushes – fast and even coats on textured surfaces and edges
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Bosch - Paint Spray System PFS 1000
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  • Overview
    • Bosch PFS 1000 Paint Spray System

      Painting has never been so easy! Lacquers and glazes are applied in no time using the PFS 1000 paint spray system from Bosch. Forget paintbrushes and paint rollers! Quickly and effortlessly spray all types of wood and metal paints onto the desired surface – with no splodges and no drips. The precise, controllable paint jet enables you to work cleanly and stress-free. Whether you are lacquering, staining or oiling – your project will be done in no time using the PFS 1000 paint spray system.

      Key product features

      • Compact, light design and 410 W motor make painting fast and easy
      • Applies paint evenly at 1 m²/min for small to medium indoor and outdoor projects
      • 800-ml paint container saves precious time by minimising refills on the job
      • Sprays wood paint, glaze, or varnish on wood or metal for versatile projects
      • Get started on projects straightaway with self-explanatory icons on device

      Application range

      Easy tools
      When you want simplicity.

      Technical key data

      Hose length 1,25 m


      Power input
      Power input
      Power input
      410 watts
      Paint flow adjustment
      Paint flow adjustment
      Paint flow adjustment
      For easy control of the paint application
      SprayControl Technology
      SprayControl Technology
      SprayControl Technology
      Brilliant paint application

      Comes complete with

      • Nozzle for lacquers and glazes (grey)
      • Carrying strap
      Part number:0603207040
      EAN code:3165140819602
  • Description
    • Easy operation for a clean job

      An even paint application, easy handling and a clean result: The PFS 1000 paint spray system from Bosch use a stream of air to apply the paint to the required surface. There is no need for tedious, time-consuming and unclean work with a paint roller or paintbrush. The tool’s ease of use means you can tackle practically any painting project at home. It doesn’t matter what surface you are spraying because paint is incredibly easy to apply with the PFS 1000. Regardless of whether you want to apply paints or lacquers to wood or metal.

      Applying paint like this is fun!

      The PFS 1000 is an all-round talent and is suitable for many applications. For example, you can apply a new protective glaze coating to your shed, stain and oil your decking boards, or give your garden furniture a splendid new colour for the coming summer. Decoration work or sprucing up a chest of drawers is made easy. You can also give old bicycle frames or radiators a makeover quickly and easily with the paint spray system. What’s more, you save a lot of time. For example, you no longer have to schedule half a day to apply the protective glaze coating to a privacy fence.

      As if done by a professional: Perfect paint application

      You can apply paint evenly and cleanly with the PFS 1000 even if you do not have previous DIY experience. The three-stage adjustable paint nozzle enables you to precisely adapt the spray jet, while the continuously variable paint flow control enables you to apply paint perfectly to any surface. Another advantage is how easy the tool is to clean after work. Thanks to its simple construction, you can quickly and easily clean the PFS 1000 in only a few moves.

      Spray paint with ease

      Painting jobs are usually a hassle and very time-consuming. Bosch now has a practical and functional solution for this. Achieve professional results and work more quickly and cleanly. The PFS 1000 enables even inexperienced DIYers to tackle any project without the need for paintbrushes or paint rollers and above all without any stress. This small, handy tool sprays lacquers, glazes or oils evenly and cleanly onto wood or metal. From radiators to garden sheds – there are no limits to your ideas. The handling and cleaning of the paint spray system are extremely easy. This means you can concentrate fully on your project and quickly achieve brilliant results!

  • Technical data
    • Technical data

      Power input 410 W
      Delivery volume 0 – 100 ml/min
      Paint application 1 m² in 1 min
      Container volume 800 ml
      Machine weight 2 kg
      Hose length 1,25 m

      Noise / vibration information

      Measured values determined according to EN 60745
      Total vibration values (vector sum of three directions).

      Vibration emission value ah 2.5 m/s²
      Uncertainty K 1.5 m/s²

      The A-rated noise level of the power tool is typically as follows: Sound pressure level79dB(A); Sound power leveldB(A). Uncertainty K=3dB.


      • Portable
      • SprayControl Technology
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    • Application tips


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