Digital measuring tools


Equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology, the laser measures from Bosch deliver measurement results with maximum precision and reliability.

Laying laminate, fitting skirting boards, measuring roof slopes, installing fitted cabinets – Bosch angle measurers are always ready to use when you need to reliably measure, transfer and calculate angles of 0° to 220°.

You should play it safe if you want to drill in walls: the handy digital detectors from Bosch enable you to find live cables, pipes or girders and frames made of metal, as well as wooden substructures with the highest precision and safety.


The cross and line lasers from Bosch now make complicated alignment of objects a thing of the past. Levelling work can be completed quickly and precisely thanks to state-of-the-art laser technology and extremely easy operation.

Save energy and have a healthier home: thermo detectors enable you to easily identify hidden thermal bridges and find potential mould risk areas. These measuring instruments not only measure room and surface temperatures and humidity, they also interpret the acquired measuring results at the same time.

Quick setup at the required height and easy adjustment of cross and line lasers is no problem with the tripod solutions from Bosch.


As precise as can be: digital measuring tools.

Digital measuring tools are versatile and are becoming increasingly important also for work in homes. Don’t settle for approximations when renovating or building: measuring is precision work. One tiny measuring error and all your plans are ruined. You should instead go for quality: Bosch measuring tools not only display the measuring results precisely, they also directly evaluate the data collected. Extreme diligence is required when performing tasks such as drilling into walls: detectors show you where live cables or copper pipes are, so that you know where you can drill safely. The Bosch rangefinder uses sophisticated laser technology to accurately measure distances, heights or volumes. Digital measuring tools are highly innovative tools, and purchasing one is guaranteed to pay off.

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