Cordless Tools


Compact power for your house and garden projects. The 10.8 volt cordless system with intelligent lithium-ion technology for Bosch tools in the house and garden. Start with a 10.8 volt set consisting of a tool, battery and charger – and save when purchasing other individual tools.

More power for bigger projects. The powerful 18 volt cordless system with intelligent lithium-ion technology for Bosch tools in the house and garden. Start with an 18 volt set consisting of a tool, battery and charger – and save when purchasing other individual tools.

The new IXO from Bosch is the ideal tool for your day-to-day projects. Whether it is used to drive screws in the tightest of spaces or as a highlight at a BBQ with friends – with this handy cordless screwdriver you are perfectly equipped for every situation.


The cordless drill/drivers from Bosch are compact, lightweight and powerful universal tools for cordless drilling and screwdriving. Innovative battery technology and a high degree of ergonomics allow for optimum working in any situation.

Cordless hot gluing – anytime and anywhere: the handy Bosch glue gun with integrated lithium-ion battery is always ready for use thanks to its short heat-up time and long runtime.

The cordless combis from Bosch: extremely powerful multifunction tools for cordless impact drilling, drilling and screwdriving.


Small but powerful tools for tough jobs: with a torque of up to 130 Nm, the Bosch cordless impact drivers are truly powerful screwdrivers for driving and loosening screws, particularly in metal.

The cordless circular saws from Bosch for precise rip and mitre cuts in the best cut quality – without any cables.

With their bright light over a wide area and their lithium-ion technology, the cordless lights from Bosch combine high lighting power with long runtime.


Sawing, cutting, routing, sanding.... The cordless multifunction tool from Bosch offers countless possibilities for putting your ideas into practice.

Whether shelves, chests of drawers, window frames or door frames: the handy cordless multi-sanders from Bosch enable you to sand and polish without a cable, even in hard-to-reach areas and on small surfaces.

Say goodbye to hammers, screws, glue and pins: regardless of whether you want to tack or staple something, the cordless tackers from Bosch enable you to fit foils, strips or also fabrics easily and without a cable.


Whether beams, slats, metal or plastic pipes, through to thicker branches – if a quick cut has to be made, your best choice is a cordless sabre saw from Bosch.

The compact and cordless way to the precise cut: the cordless jigsaw from Bosch provides an ideal combination of power, precision and compact handiness.

The cordless hand-held vacuum cleaners from Bosch are exceptionally versatile to use. Mobile, lightweight and powerful, they get into even exceptionally hard-to-reach areas.


The compact and robust cordless radios from Bosch provide quality sound during DIY or other leisure activities. Thanks to their versatility, various battery voltage classes can be used to power them.


Bosch cordless tools: screwdriving, drilling, hammering and more.

Experience the motivating power of freedom with Bosch cordless tools. To enable you to work everywhere flexibly and without annoying cables, Bosch offers a large number of cordless tools that are made to measure for special requirements. Whether you use a Bosch battery with innovative lithium-ion (Li-ion) technology or the nickel cadmium battery system (NiCd) – with these cordless tools, you will always work with zero effort and no cord! One thing is certain: every DIY workshop should have practical cordless power tools. Using Bosch cordless tools for this will lay the foundation for a successful project.

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