Cordless circular saws


Precise and effortless sawing.

The PKS 18 LI Cordless Circular Saw from Bosch is the first choice if achieving absolutely clean results is of the utmost importance to you when sawing materials up to 48 mm thick.

Bosch - Cordless circular saws
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When you seek the best.
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Battery voltage 18 V
Cutting depth range at 90° 0 – 48 mm
Circular saw blade rated diameter 150 mm
Battery voltage
Battery voltage Battery voltage
18 volts
Electronic Cell Protection
Electronic Cell Protection Electronic Cell Protection
Particularly long battery lifetime
Softgrip Softgrip
Low-fatigue working, safe handling
Spindle lock
Spindle lock Spindle lock
Fast saw blade changes due to spindle lock at the push of a button

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