12 V Power for ALL System


Compact, flexible, clever: One 12 volt battery for all tools.

One battery to run them all. Start with a 12 V set of tools, battery and charger. Then expand your system based on your needs with just a bare tool, saving money along the way.

Bosch - 12 V Power for ALL System

Complemented by an intelligent charger

The Syneon Chip makes lithium-ion cordless tools from Bosch more powerful and energy-efficient.

Bosch has integrated the intelligent “Ready to Go” function into the AL 1830 CV charger for the new 2.5 Ah batteries. A green LED indicates when a battery is 80 percent charged and therefore ready to use. The lithium-ion power sources also have Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) to prevent overload and overheating. This ensures a long battery lifetime.

Maximum energy efficiency at all times

The Syneon Chip from Bosch enables optimum power and maximum runtime for every project.

The Syneon Chip always provides exactly the required amount of battery energy for the application and controls the perfect interaction between lithium-ion battery, powerful motor and robust gearbox. Here is an example: With the PSR 18 LI-2 cordless drill driver from Bosch, DIYers can drive up to 60 percent more 6 x 80 mm screws with one battery charge than they could with comparable tools from competitors. When drilling holes (6 x 50 mm), the cordless drill driver from Bosch even enables up to 85 percent more applications.

Intelligently controlled energy for every project

The intelligent Syneon Chip from Bosch

In power-intensive projects, such as impact drilling in masonry, the Syneon Chip always supplies the motor with exactly the amount of power required. The Syneon Chip also saves energy when doing easier jobs, such as driving small screws in soft wood. The Syneon Chip coordinates the entire system with maximum efficiency in order to provide long runtimes.

Perfect interaction

The Syneon Chip makes lithium-ion cordless tools from Bosch more powerful and energy-efficient.

The Syneon Chip controls the perfect interaction between the high-quality tool components. The powerful motor is designed for targeted conversion of the battery energy into maximum performance. The robust planetary gearbox provides optimum power transmission for every application. An additional advantage is the latest lithium-ion technology: the 14.4 volt and 18 volt tools from Bosch are equipped with new 2.5 Ah batteries and a quick charger with a charging current of 3 amperes. The systems therefore offer a 25 percent longer runtime than their predecessors and are recharged twice as fast.

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