Dog Kennel

DIY - Demonstrated by Mark Visser
Man's best friend needs his own pad

Build a cosy space for your best fury friend with this how-to guide with big wave surfer, Mark Visser .

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Build a cosy space for your best fury friend with this how-to guide with big wave surfer, Mark Visser.

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Required power tools:

Other accessories:

Required materials:

  • pieces of pine baton
  • garden edge
  • 24m roof sheet
  • 4.8m pine trim
  • 100mm gal timber screws
  • 65mm gal timber screws

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pieces of pine baton






garden edge





24m roof sheet



4.8m pine trim





100mm gal timber screws



65mm gal timber screws


Cut your materials to size

Dog Kennel

Starting with the base, cut 2 pieces of timber (1000mm in length) then another 2 pieces (730mm). Screw the places together creating a rectangular frame with an overall dimension of 1000m x 800mm.


Prepare your materials

Dog Kennel

Cut 2 pieces of timber at 800mm and 2 pieces at 700mm, screw each pair to the 800mm and outside face of the rectangular frame - these will be your main upright posts. Next, cut 2 pieces at 660mm to sit between the upright posts at the end of the kennel at the top of the upright to support the upper framework. As these places are in line with 35mm face, you will have to use a spade bit of 10mm drill to countersink the screw hole to at least 35, into the side of the timber upright to best secure the brace.


Create the frame

Dog Kennel

Cut 1 more piece of timber at 730mm long, choose the higher 800mm and make a pencil mark. To the left of that mark, place the piece on it’s 70mm face and screw to frame. As with previous pieces, countersink screw hole 35mm for best security.


Create the legs

Dog Kennel

Next, you will need 2 pieces cut at 1005mm with ends to be cut at an angle of 84 degrees, making sure the cuts are parallel. These will be the support for the upper length of the roof line. Screw your pieces into position and cut 4 pieces at 180mm long to be the four lengs. Secure these into the inside corners under the floor. This completes the basic frame.


Make the base

Dog Kennel

Measure and cut 10 pieces of garden edge timber for the floor, lay them in from the front to the back of the kennel. With the last piece, you’ll find that you will have to cut a small piece on each end to as to fit snuggly around the corner of the frame.


Create the walls

Dog Kennel

Next, cut your timber to clad the outside. You will need 6 pieces at 411mm for the entry end and another 6 pieces at 822mm for the rear end. With the last top piece of cladding, make a mark where it is flush with the edge. Measure down 40mm and trim off. This is so that the hinged roof can rest on it when closed.


Finishing the wall

Dog Kennel

Lastly cut 12 pieces at 1000mm. Screw all your pieces to the kennel. Once the top piece is secure measure down from the top of the cladding to framework on each end. Draw a line from end to end and trim off excess.


Roof frame

Dog Kennel

Measure the width of your dog kennel, it should be 822mm. Measure and adjust your measurements to suit if necessary. You will need 2 pieces 1200mm long, screw your parts together to create your roof frame. Carefully place your bare frame over the kennel. rest one end of the roof frame on the lower end of the kellen and the top edge of the end of the cladding.


Dog Kennel

At the higher end, have the frame sit 20mm above the framework - this will provide clearance for the roof to pivot. Where the upright intersects the roof frame, measure up 20mm and pre-drill a hole through the roof frame and into the kennel upright. Using a 100mm baton screw, secure the pieces. Do not fully tighten - this is your way to hinge the roof.


Put a lid on it

Dog Kennel

Lastly take your sheet and trim to suit your size and shape. Remember to deburr any sharp edges and corners before you finish. For the floor you will need 8 pieces at 795mm long. Trim the corners of the first piece for better fitment. Optional :cut 4 pieces at 180mm long for 4 legs which would be secured into the inside corners under the floor.

Legal note

Bosch does not accept any responsibility for the instructions stored here. Bosch would also like to point out that you follow these instructions at your own risk. For your own safety, please take all the necessary precautions.


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