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  • IXO
    • IXO
      IXO IXO

      The IXO from Bosch is a small, handy cordless screwdriver that was the first power tool to be equipped with lithium-ion technology by Bosch in 2003. This innovation has enabled Bosch to offer a particularly small and handy cordless tool in the form of the IXO. The IXO has now become the best-selling power tool in the world.

  • Impact drill
    • Impact drill
      Impact drill Impact drill Impact drill

      The impact drill has a built-in ratchet-controlled impact mechanism, which produces striking motions in addition to the rotation of the drill bit. This makes the impact drill particularly suitable for drilling in masonry. By increasing the feed pressure, it is also possible to drill in concrete with an impact drill. Therefore, the impact drill – in contrast to the rotary hammer – is dependent on the feed pressure applied by the user. Furthermore, an impact drill can also be used to drill and drive screws in wood when the impact mechanism is switched off.

  • Impact driver
    • Power tool for tightening or loosening screws by means of strong, pulse-like rotary motions. The impact driver can also be used to easily loosen tight screw connections. The direction of rotation can be changed, in order to switch between driving and unscrewing.

  • Impact stop
    • Impact stop
      Impact stop

      Function for switching off the impact motion on rotary hammers and impact drills, in order to be able to also drill in wood or steel.

  • Interior cutouts
    • It is best to use a jigsaw to make rectangular, square or round cutouts. It is a good idea to drill a hole in the workpiece, which the jigsaw blade can be fed into. Interior cutouts are required, for example, for fitting washbasins and taps.

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