Curve cut with the jigsaw

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How to saw curves with ease

You’re building a go-kart and have to saw the steering wheel into shape. Or you want to saw cutouts in a wooden box to make it easier to carry. It is best to use a jigsaw for jobs like these where you have to saw a curve.

Curve cut with the jigsaw


Simply follow this advice to make sure that you saw curves correctly:


Insert a curve-cutting blade into your jigsaw. When selecting the saw blade, also pay attention to the condition of the workpiece material – for example, is it hard wood or plywood, a board or a panel?


Precisely mark the cutting line on your workpiece with a pencil, compass and ruler. If you are sawing a cutout, drill a hole touching the marked line and big enough to insert and turn the blade of your jigsaw in.


To drill curves with a very small radius, it is best to use a drill bit with the corresponding diameter. Now use the jigsaw to saw up to the edge of the hole and from there along the previously marked line.


Be sure to guide the saw correctly. The more your hand is above the saw blade, the more precisely and easily you will be able to saw curves and straight lines.

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